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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Nokia Maze Mini Release Date, Price, Specs, Features & Rumored

Nokia Maze Mini Release Date, Price, Specs! The Nokia brand launched its new Smartphone’s by HMD at the Mobile World Congress. Rumors suggest about the arrival of new Nokia model. For this moment, we know the name would be under the name of Nokia Maze Mini. We have the opportunity to know the features and price before its announcement. Some ports to access the ports USB, jack has allowed us to guess a good quality aluminum casing. We notice, especially at the jack the antennas are visible.

Nokia Maze Mini Release Date:

Rumors have suggested about this Smartphone has several different configurations. However, it has always pointed to the high-end device. The release date of Nokia Maze Mini can at the last season of this year. We hope this new Smartphone will come to market in December 2018.

Nokia Maze Mini Features & Full Specifications:

We can now confirm that the Smartphone has WQHD 1080 x 1920 pixels 5.5 inches screen. The processor will be as Snapdragon 845 chipset running at 2.46 GHz with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. This does not mean that a variant equipped with 256 GB expandable storage, but we cannot confirm it now. To return to the screen, we can also say that it is very good, with very wide viewing angles, good contrast, and brightness. That rise to more than the previous version according to our probe. This is a very good result for the device. This prototype of the Nokia Maze Mini runs Android 8.1 OS with the latest security updates. The brand wants to offer on its phones an updated version of the system. The interface is very close to that LG G7. We find an application drawer system to open by sliding the bottom of the screen.

The 6,000-mAh battery of the Nokia Maze Mini is enough for back up. It gives proper power to the camera, navigation, and multimedia. The media that have given us are about 15:30 hours of battery life and around 4 hours of the screen. Some changes make the difference, such as the presence of an "Always on Display". That displays the time, date, battery level and a number of missed calls and the number of messages and emails. As rumors predicted, the Nokia Maze Mini has two 20-megapixel front photo sensors. The front camera of this device incorporates 12 MP. It will present a monochrome view, or a snapshot and a color view using both sensors. Without being bad, the camera tried here is far from offering the same quality as the current flagship. The lack details and we can see artifacts behind some masses of a blur. The management of lights and contrast is also rather average Rather than a long speech, judge for you. Remember that it is still a prototype and the software version.

As for the monochrome sensor, it will be necessary to carry out further tests, especially at night, to really judge. The phone comes with a pair of quality in-ear headphones. That will be with full cable control play/pause and two-volume buttons. Its charger is capable of delivering 5V at 2.5A, 9V to 2A or 12V at 1.5A. The company can involve a Quick Charge 3.0 charger. USB Type-C seems to include in the terminal. For the moment, this Nokia Maze Mini looks good. It will be necessary to wait to have a final model and especially to know its price to really judge. The white balance is usually balanced, without encountering temperatures too hot or cold, except if we pull flash. The double tone of this will always leave orange shots, tending more to read if the ambient light is also warmer.

Nokia Maze Mini Price:

In conclusion, the Nokia Maze Mini seems to us a somewhat firmer candidate in the particular bet of HMD. Nokia will set the price of this device, around $550. It is emphasizing the low cost, the minimum specifications, and a pure Android. With a rather high-end processor and a mid-range, the price you have an opportunity to buy it. We can say this Smartphone will take better configuration than LG G7. Nokia has achieved more experience from their previous Smartphone’s. So hopefully, they will come very strongly with their new smartphone. Nokia notices the previous model to update every part of the device.